Seongnam, South Korea – May 14th 2021 – ASCENXION, a new 2D “shooter-metroidvania” game created by IndigoBlue Game Studio, was released on Steam today. Published by PsychoFlux Entertainment.

ASCENXION is a 2D shoot ’em up game where players explore the field to progress; the developer borrowed elements of metroidvania-style games, in which players unlock new areas with skills and items that could be obtained through exploration.

Players must overcome puzzles, traps, elite units, boss fights, and other various obstacles while navigating the field. Grow stronger through rewards earned, to uncover the truth of this world.



One day, humanity became extinct due to an enormous explosion. Not a single entity was left to pass on the reason behind the extinction, nor to remember those who had disappeared.

After what seemed an eternity, you have awoken in the midst of traces of a past human civilization. As you wander aimlessly, you encounter various records left behind by humans and beings who assist you. Will you be able to uncover the secret of this world and face the truth?

  • Fast-tempo battles with added strategical elements
    ASCENXION is an action shoot ’em up game, but in order to give the player a combat experience that differs from bullet hell games, we decided to make choices and concentration key gameplay points, instead of simply avoiding enemy bullets and attacking all over the place.

    There are a variety of strategic elements such as terrain cover, reduced movement speed during basic attacks, and mutual sharing of resources consumed by attack and evasion skills. Also, players must use basic attacks, skills, and items’ active effects to defeat enemies.

  • Get items through exploration
    Players can explore unknown lands to acquire dozens of distinctive items. Items are divided into ‘rune stones’, which combine weapons and use effects, and general items which provide basic lasting effects and experience bonuses.
  • Elements of Development
    Important concepts in ASCENXION are ‘unleashing potential’ and ‘skills’. Each aircraft type has four skills, and from the second skill, they will be unlocked upon defeating boss monsters that you encounter during the game.

    • Skills: You can only select one of two skills for each stage, but you can change your choice at any time. You need smarts and a good gamer mind to change your skills according to the situation, whether it be the terrain or enemy type!
    • Unleashing Potential: ASCENXION has a main character with some great power sealed inside. Of course, this great power can be unleashed. By completing an event that you will inevitably encounter during the game, you can unleash this power, and when this power is unleashed, modifications are made to its skills and overall stats that suit an aircraft of such great power. Each unleashed aircraft has a different play style, so choose the one you like, and keep leveling it up!




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Supporting indie devs with love since 2016, PsychoFlux Entertainment is a one-man indie publisher working with domestic indie game studios to advance into digital markets. Currently collaborating with numerous individual/small-scale/student indie dev teams.

About IndigoBlue Game Studio

IndigoBlue Game Studio is a one-man indie game studio, developing games with the idea of “making the game that I want to play.” Developed numerous shooting games since 2015, including SPLIT BULLET, Vectorium, Blindia, and ASCENXION.